A. Things to be checked with agent before you handover keys

  • None of your stuff left in the house, garden, sheds
  • Bins are clear
  • Leave some money in ‘Pay as you go’ accounts so that when new family moves in they have things (like electricity, gas) working.
  • If you are moving electronic applinces with you, make sure you don’t break plugs/switched and other connectors like water connectors etc.
  • Divert your posts to your new address
  • If you are leaving any newly purchased item in the house, don’t forget to leave guarantee/warranty papers of those items
  • Leave smoke/fire alarms in working condition
  • Clear all the bills (Internet, electricity, gas, water, council, factor etc.)
  • Check fridge is empty. Ask agent whether they want it to be switched off.
  • Take final readings of all meters (Electricity, Gas, Water)
  • Make sure all the items listed in Inventry sheet are present - if anything is missing then please inform Agent
  • Clean the house
  • If any electric/electronic item is not working - inform agent
  • Cut the grass in the garden

B. Things to be checked with agent before you take keys

  • There is no stuff left in the house, which belongs to previous owner
  • There is no debt in ‘Pay as you go’ accounts (I had in Electricity account and there was no electricity when I moved in)
  • Assuming previous owner took his applinces with him, check all the plugs/switched are intact and other connectors are also intact. (For me Sprigot was missing which is used to attach drainage pipe of washing machine and engineers who came to install my brand new washing machine, denied installing it in the absence of that)
  • Confirm all the letters from all the previous occupiers will be discarded hence should be routed to new address of previous occupiers.
  • Get guarantee/warranty papers of all the items if there is any
  • Check whether smoke/fire alarms are fitted and working
  • Check whether there is any factor charge. Make sure all the pending bills are paid by previous owner (Internet, Phone, Electricity, Council, Water, Gas, Factor, House help, Cleaning)
  • If some of the items were part of your deal, make sure all the items are present - if anything is missing then please inform Agent

C. Things to be checked before moving in the new house

  • You have enough charge in pre-paid meters (Electricity, Gas, Water), if not then recharge
  • Transfer council in your name
  • Inform factor agent about your move-in
  • Clean the house
  • Make sure heating/cooling is working
  • Make sure you have some rug, mattress, bedsheet where you can rest just after moving in (when your moving your furniture on the same date as you move in)
  • All bulbs. (Replace old bulbs and lights with LED lights)
  • Make sure you have Internet working on the day you move in
  • Take initial readings of all meters (Electricity, Gas, Water)

D. Essentials items need to be purchased before entry

Kitchen & Dining

  • Cooking utencils - Better to buy a complete set
  • Diningware (Plates, bowls, glasses, spoons, forks, knifes) - Better to buy a complete set
  • Tablets for Dishwasher, sponge and washing liquid
  • Spices, Tea/Coffee, Sugar, Milk, Water bottles (Don’t use tap water just after moving in)
  • fruits/vegetables
  • Kitchen towels
  • Dining table with chairs


  • Bed
  • Mattress with sheet cover
  • Duvet with cover
  • Pillow with cover
  • Bed side tables


  • Tissue papers
  • Soap, Shampoo, Tooth paste, Tooth brush, Hand wash soap
  • Toilet cleaning liquid, brush
  • Towel

Living room

  • Printer
  • Sofa
  • TV
  • Coffe Table


  • Lawnmover

E. On the day when you move in

  • Keep window open for few hours or a day so you have clean air
  • Do not open light immidiatly entering the house, make sure there is no gas leakage
  • Keep the water tap open for few minutes
  • Arrange a prayer
  • Cook light food which can be cooked with very few things and doesn’t take too much time to cook and should be light to eat
  • Take bath, change cloth and go to sleep

F. Items which can be arranged later

  • Paintings
  • Wine
  • Other luxury items